INOX stainless steel scourer

Special stainless steel wire sponge. It's best for tough cleaning and polishing of pots, pans, cookers and all stainless steel surfaces.

Top 5 coloured scouring sponge

Colorful scouring sponge. It effectively removes stubborn stains and greasy spot from pots, pans, cooker, grills, ovens, kitchen tools ...

DUO kitchen cellulose sponge

Multipurpose cellulose sponge, suitable for all around cleaning in the house, including mirrors and furniture. Soft, long lasting and highly absorbent.

TURBO Metal-coated sponge scourer

Metal mesh-coated sponge. It removes the most difficult stains from pots, pans, stove top: suitable also for inox surfaces.

SPAZIO indoor broom

SPAZIO indoor broom with angled bristles for easy sweep into corners, made of totally recyclable materials.

Cloth brush with grip

Washing brush with ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable grip that allows reducing efforts.

ENERGY Ironing board cover

Cotton ironing board cover with double foam layer with special aluminium core inside. Ironing board cover with two layers of extra-strong foam enclosing a thermo-reflecting metal foil.

MYCRO- BRILL microfibre glass cloth

Ultra-cleaning microfibre glass cloth with special double use texture Microfibre glass cloth with high absorbent and degreasing microfibers enabling a deep cleaning of the most difficult stains, dirt and greasy spots even with water only

4XL utility microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloth for all around cleaning in the house. Use dry for dusting, wet and well squeezed for a thorough removing of stubborn dirt, grease stains and grease from glass, inox and from all delicate surfaces. Available in four patterned colours for different use in the home.

UFO kitchen scouring sponge

Scourer sponge with rounded grip, to avoid nails contact with the dirty surface to clean! Soft, high density sponge for best absorbency, coupled with effective abrasive fibre.

Cellulose sponge with scouring fiber - 2 pcs

Pure cellulose sponge with extra-strong abrasive fibre: easily removes grease from dishes and wipes clean by leaving no dirty residues after squeezing.

MYCRO- TRAP super soft microfibre cloth

Extra fine microfibre multipurpose cloth Multipurpose cloth with high absorbent and degreasing microfibers enabling a deep cleaning of the most difficult stains, dirt and greasy spots even with water only

Dust attracting system

Puligenix dust - attracting complete system recommended for quick cleaning of ceramic, gres, marble and parquet.


One piece dustpan set, made exclusively with 100% recycled plastic materials, free of colorant, certified «RECYCLED PLASTIC Secondary raw material»: compact and flexible shaped to better grip the floor and collect more thoroughly dirt and dust.

ECOLOGICA outdoor broom

ECOLOGICA outdoor broom made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, free of colorant. Outdoor broom with head produced from 100% post-industrial recycled material and post-consumer, certified 'RECYCLED PLASTIC raw materials'

Car cleaning cloth

Car synthetic chamois cloth. Ideal for the wiping and shining of car body and glasses. Leaves no lint or streaks. Highly absorbent and long lasting.

JUMBO car sponge

High density, big size car sponge with special grip-shape, for car beauty and care

MAXI indoor broom

Maxi indoor broom with technological design and rubber bumper guard, made of totally recyclable materials Indoor broom with "Actidust" bristles made of recycled materials.

Wooden clothes pegs_12 pcs


MICROFIBRE floor cleaning mop

Microfibre special mop with extra-fine microfibre strips is recommended for all types of floors, the most delicate as parquet and the most rough as brick floor.

TONICA natural cellulose sponge with massage cell-like foam side

Massage sponge with cellulose sponge. Super absorbent and gently tonifying.