Tonkita We Like Green: cleaning the future, now!

Tonkita We Like Green: cleaning the future, now!
Consumer’s wishes are essential to our work and eco- sustainability is essential to consumers. New generations become more and more sensitive to environmental problems because they know about the risks our planet.
We base our work on consumer’s wishes and eco-sustainability commitment in equal measure.

ARIX group with Tonkita brand has long realized the urgency of these issues, placing them in the middle of its mission and developing a specific project: "Tonkita we like green", a range of household cleaning tools made with certified recycled and recyclable plastic materials, recommended by Legambiente.

The project required extensive engagement to reach the know-how throughout the supply chain, raw materials, designers, production system, innovative technologies, eco-packaging and certifications to source the best product made of perfect mixed post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials. An exciting challenge we won in terms of Group’s current process of optimization and excellence. Proudly Made in Italy.

A journey only at the beginning, to be followed with enthusiasm and motivation. "Tonkita we like green" is not yet another empty greenwashing but a clear productive and industrial strategy, able to grant a real commitment for on whole production, logistic and human processes in the company.

Because the planet future is our future.