The origins

Arix was born in Viadana, in the south-western part of Mantova district. Part of the so-called “Pianura Padana”, a district with a centenary tradition of artisans’ workshops where brooms, brushes and sponges were produced. An activity that grew exponentially in postwar period, leading the district to acquire international relevance. Silvio Ballasini was a trader of natural sea sponges, cellulose sponges and synthetic chamois imported from Germany. He lived and worked in this dynamic context when in 1969 he created Arix. Over the following decades, foresight and managerial skills have guided the phenomenal growth of ARIX business and the small converter dedicated to processing, packaging and selling with their own brand of sponges, sponge cloths and synthetic leather has evolved in the current industrial group with domestic and foreign business units.