In 1969 perhaps you lived in the house you live in today, or perhaps in a different one, or maybe you were not even born. The fact is that in that year ARIX thought for the first time about cleaning your home and taking care of it, and has never stopped since. Arix is the leading Italian company in the sector of household cleaning, present in the major overseas markets and in many emerging countries.
Arix brings on the shelves a wide range of synthetic and cellulose sponges, sponge scourers, body care sponges and devices, multipurpose and floor cloths, ironing board covers, brooms, push brooms, and many other items able to satisfy all consumers, even the most demanding ones, saving time and effort with maximum efficiency and comfort.

Where lies the origin of Arix results?

Research and development, a technological, productive group in continuous evolution, acquisitions, new brands, partnerships with important qualified suppliers and the constant attention to the end consumer and market: these are the core of the irresistible growth of ARIX, which ranks among the most important producers in the world of sponge scourers and is the undisputed leader in the Italian market for ironing board covers. With professionalism, reliability and enthusiasm, Arix renews every day its commitment to be confirmed as “The home helper”.

Industrial group

Arix Polska Sp. z o.o. - Headquarter Est Europe
Kleszczów, Poland

Productive and strategic unit for East European and overseas markets.

Area: 18.000 m²
Arix Polska Sp. z o.o. Branch Żłobnica
Kleszczów, Złobnica, Poland

Productive and logistic unit.

Area: 10.000 m²
Arix Headquarter
Viadana, Italy

Historic Headquarter and productive unit. Area: 18.000 m²

Arix 2
Viadana, Italy

Hi-tech productive unit for plastic moulding and punching.

Area: 10.000 m²
Arix Logistics Terminal
Dosolo, Italy

Logistic hub managed with a connected terminals network

Area: 61.000 m²
Arix Europe ltd
Milfield Wooler, UK

Commercial and logistic platform for Northern European markets.

Area: 3.000 m²
Arix Shanghai
Shanghai, China

Productive and commercial unit for Far East market.

Area: 1.700 m²